Board of Trustees

Union Institute & University’s Board of Trustees members are selected for their commitment to the University’s purpose and mission.  Members are active and involved participants in the governance of the institution, and committed to its growth and development.  The University Board of Trustees meets four times each year in January, April, July, and October.  Current members of Union Institute & University’s Board of Trustees, with their affiliations, positions, and locations include:

Dr. Virginia Wiltse (Chair)*
Director of Development, Seton High School
Director & VP,
Caring Response Madagascar Foundation
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Shekhar Mitra
Retired, Procter & Gamble Company
International Consultant
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Richard N. Aft*
Philanthropic Leadership
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Dr. Betty Overton-Adkins (Immediate Past Chair)
VP, Academic Affairs, and Professor of English
 University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mr. Roger Allbee
Retired Secretary of Agriculture
Townshend, Vermont 
Ms. Katherine Prince
Senior Director, Organizational Development and Foresight
Knowledge Works
Columbus, Ohio
Mr. Donald Feldmann (Vice Chair)
President and CEO
Winton Associates, Inc. 
Cincinnati, Ohio   
Dr. Roger H. Sublett (Secretary)
President (Ex officio)
Union Institute & University
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ms. Kay E. Goss, CEM
World Disaster Management, LLC
Alexandria, Virginia 
Ms. Christine Van Duelmen
Executive Director/Conference Coordinator
International Council for Innovation in Higher Ed
Toronto Canada
Dr. Gladys Gossett Hankins*
President/Global Management Consultant
Telora Victor, Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Bruce Weinstein
Ethics Columnist/Business Week
CNN Contributor
Brooklyn, New York
Ms. Sandra L. Lobert 
President and CEO
Hospice of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
*Alumni of Union Institute & University