Spotlight on Florida graduates

To celebrate Florida's commencement in May, we are highlighting a few recent graduates. Each participant was asked to write a response, in their own words, to the question “How has your Union Institute & University experience changed your life?”

Maria T. Garcia

B.S. Business Management, 2012

My tenure at Union Institute & University has changed my life in a multitude of ways. The faculty and staff were integral in providing me with a clear and decisive plan for completing my college education and reaching a goal I had started nearly 28 years ago.

After various career moves including advertising, television production, and school treasury, it became quite apparent that without a degree I would not be able to grow professionally in the way I had envisioned. A friend and mentor spoke to me repeatedly about Union Institute & University and after much thought, I began my journey toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Union provided me with a curriculum and timelines that, as a full-time working mother and wife, I could actually work with and not feel constantly overwhelmed. As a result, and after years of trying different schools, this was the first time I could actually see success in my near future. At the beginning, I thought I had “lucked out” with the professors as they were exceptional and the progression into a quasi-college life was easily under way. It was not until months later that I realized all of the professors shared a common denominator; they were there for their students first and foremost.

My graduation on May 19, 2013 is a day that my family is proud of because it marks the beginning of another era in my life. I now have the tools I need to move forward. At the tender age of 50, I plan on taking on the role I dreamed of at ten years of age—teaching. What better way to impact others on the importance of an education than to be a catalyst, to influence a younger generation of undecided students, and to put my education to work.

Union Institute & University hasn’t just given me an education, they have given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams, and to do it with a feeling of self-accomplishment that radiates in me.

  • Maria T. Garcia has been married for nearly three decades and she is the mother of two incredibly wonderful grown children. Maria came to Union Institute & University with nearly thirty years of work experience. She is an avid reader and writer, and plans to create a series of children’s books in the near future.

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