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Educational Leadership Pre-K -12

The Educational Leadership specialization prepares professionals for formal and informal leadership opportunities and positions in Pre-K-12 education.

The goals and objectives of the Educational Leadership specialization are met through core and advanced seminars that provide the knowledge base and professional skills needed for you to serve effectively in a wide range of educational settings. The specialization in Educational Leadership also places a primary emphasis on issues of ethics and social justice. Learning goals and objectives are designed to educate students who are able to serve as effective leaders within the social, organizational, and educational contexts of the present and foreseeable future of education.

Higher Education

The Higher Education specialization is designed to prepare leaders already working at a postsecondary institution who are: (a) in entry and mid level administrative positions wishing advancement; (b) faculty in academic areas for which there is no terminal degree beyond the master’s; and (c) faculty in community colleges or specialty institutions for which the Ph.D. in a subject area is not necessary. The degree is also appropriate for persons supervising corporate training and professional development departments in business and industry.

The over-arching goal of the Higher Education specialization is to enable students, through their advanced understanding of social, cultural, organizational, and ethical issues, to guide the development of education in a complex, dynamic, and diverse society. An accepted set of curricular and program standards for a specialization in Higher Education is based upon Higher Education professional organizations and parallel doctoral programs in Higher Education. The learning goals and objectives of the specialization are met through academic residencies, core and advanced seminars, professional development practica, an internship experience, and original dissertation research.

Degree: Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Start Dates: Jan & July
Credits: 66
Transfer up to 12 credits
Min. Time: 3 years

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