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MLK Studies

Rev. Otis Moss Jr. speaks at the January 2011 Legacy Luncheon

Students enrolled in the Martin Luther King Studies specialization complete the same academic program as all students admitted to UI&U's Ph.D. program with at least twenty-five percent of their study and assignments in core and advanced seminars devoted to an exploration of the seminar's content in relation to the ideas, ideals, and practices of Dr. King. 

Additionally, MLK Studies students have a choice of electives for even more focused study into the intellectual, spiritual, moral, leadership, policy, and political issues addressed by Dr. King in his writing and political activities and an examination of the extensive scholarly literature that has developed regarding Dr. King's profoundly important intellectual, ethical, and public contributions.

It is expected that most students enrolled in the MLK Studies specialization will complete, within a specific institutional context, at least three credits of an internship or related experience in which they examine and try to extend a central idea, ideal, or political/policy/leadership approach associated with the intellectual and creative legacy of Dr. King.

Students in the MLK Studies specialization will be asked to choose a primary area of concentration in either Ethical and Creative Leadership, Humanities and Culture, or Public Policy and Social Change.

MLK Studies students are required to participate in a special topic focused workshop during each residency.