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Transfer Policy

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree

Applicants with a bachelor's degree may be eligible to transfer up to 12 credits of post-baccalaureate graduate coursework to the PsyD program if completed at another regionally accredited institution. The requested transfer coursework must have been:

  • Completed within the last five years at a regionally accredited graduate institution, and
  • Awarded a grade of B or greater

Please note: life experience, workshops, seminars, and individual learning programs do not qualify for transfer credit.

Students may not transfer credit for any of the following courses:

  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Dissertation Proposal Development
  • Dissertation Development
  • Cultural Influences on the Self
  • Cultural Competence in Clinical Practice
  • Practicum
  • Clinical Internship
  • Electives

Applicants with a completed graduate degree

Applicants with a completed graduate degree from a regionally accredited graduate institution in psychology, social work, mental health or a closely related field may apply to transfer up to 30 credits toward the PsyD degree. This may allow them to complete the program in less than five years. The requested transfer coursework must have been awarded a grade of B or greater.

Request for Transfer of Credit

Requests for transfer of credit can only be made by petition after the student has been formally admitted to the program and prior to the beginning of the student’s first term in the program. Transfer requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Director of Clinical Training (DCT).

All requests for acceptance of transfer credits are handled individually. The following process will be followed in petitioning for and approving of transfer of credits:

  1. Submit Transfer Request Forms A & B to the Director of Clinical Training prior to the beginning of the first term. This must include the course syllabus for each course being proposed to meet the transfer criteria and any other pertinent materials.
  2. The Director of Clinical Training will forward the petition to the PsyD program faculty member who teaches the UI&U course. The submitted material must demonstrate that the prior coursework meets at least 75% of the current course content offered by the PsyD program, as found in the current course syllabus. The faculty member will evaluate the materials and make a recommendation to the Director of Clinical Training.
  3. The Director of Clinical Training will make a determination and notify the student of his/her decision.
  4. The decision of the Director of Clinical Training is final.

PLEASE NOTE: All transfer credits accepted toward the degree program are used to determine the student‘s program of study and are included in the total of 120 required credits. Transfer credits are not calculated in the GPA. The PsyD program includes a minimum of three full-time academic years of graduate study at Union Institute & University, with one year of full-time residency at UI&U (see Residency in the Handbook).

Transferability of Credit

Students should be aware that decisions about acceptance of credit in transfer are up to the receiving institution. There is no guarantee that credits earned while enrolled in Union Institute & University’s PsyD program will be accepted by another educational institution.