Center for Workplace Advancement

Your People Are Your Most Important Asset

An organization is only as good as the people who bring it to life.  Attracting, educating, and retaining talented people is crucial to an organization’s success.  And, because qualified employees are looking for more than a competitive salary and health benefits, companies need to provide flexible, relevant, and logistically practical professional development opportunities to attract and retain an exemplary workforce.

Advance Employee Abilities to Advance Company Outcomes

Union Institute & University’s Center for Workplace Advancement provides accredited college courses, a variety of degree options, plus custom-designed non-degree programs offered at your workplace to raise your employees’ confidence, skill level, and their contributions to your bottom line. Customized to serve your needs, Union’s Center for Workplace Advancement provides courses and training programs in-person at your site and on-line to meet specific organizational and individual needs. College should not be threatening for adults who have been in the workforce; it should honor and recognize their abilities and provide the opportunity to build upon their experiences.

Educational Plans Catered to Meet the Needs of Your Employees

UI&U’s Center for Workplace Advancement provides support for your organization and your people, with the goal of achieving a better educated and a more productive workforce. We work with you to create a strategic educational plan for cohorts of employees, and provide on-site classes at your location or online. Instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, drawn from both UI&U and, whenever possible, your recommendations and in-house experts. Courses and programs are offered from existing curriculum or are developed to meet group needs.  Competitive and customized tuition agreements and group rates are available.


Over the past 30 years, UI&U has been partnered with corporations, government, and professional associations in various locations across the U.S., including:

Course Examples

  • Strategic Management & Business Policy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Principals of Marketing
  • Business Ethics
  • Financial Accounting


  • Writing Effective Emails
  • Crisis Communication
  • Developing a Marketing Plan