Online, Undergraduate Course Offerings

Each semester, UI&U offers a wide array of college courses that are available for the non-degree seeking student. Courses can be taken for undergraduate credit (awarding either 4 or 6 credits, read course details to learn more) or for no credit (Audit Only).  In Audit Only course status, students enjoy the opportunity to learn the subject material without having papers or tests graded or recorded, no college credit nor final grade are provided and no record or transcript is available.

All courses award undergraduate credit hours, a transcript of which can be used to transfer credits to other universities. For recognition of CEUs, student should check with appropriate professional certifying body in their field of work.

The spring/summer semester offers 8 and 16 week courses, dependent on the course. For additional details about the courses along with registration information, contact or 800-861-6400 ext 1168.