Independent Studies

Personalized Learning

Mentored distance learning that is tailor-made for your needs; independent studies are an opportunity for you and one of our many talented faculty advisors to design your undergraduate or graduate level syllabus according to your individual, educational or professional requirements.

Courses are approximately eight weeks long and are designed by you, in conjunction with your Faculty Advisor, to meet your exact requirements. The beauty of Lifelong Learning is that we have a quick processing time once your Independent Study Plan (which serves as your curriculum) is complete. You may begin the process and thus go on to begin your study at your convenience. Contact today to discuss the procedures for getting started!

What our students are saying:

"The independent study option allowed me to fulfill a requirement for an otherwise localized Master's degree program. The experience was professional, efficient, scholastically-charged and profoundly positive."
Chad Broughman, American Literature: Romantic/Modernism/Post Modernism

"I needed 3 graduate credits in counseling to complete requirements for the Maryland Board. This was perfect for me--I didn't have to take time off from work, because there were no on-campus classes"
John L. "Jay" Allen, Jr., Individual Counseling: The Formation of Therapeutic Techniques

Recent Independent Studies


  • Research Methods in Counseling
  • Ethics in Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Advanced Study on the Evaluation of Mental and Emotional States

Literature & Writing:

  • An Introduction to Modern Literature
  • The Creative Process of Poetry
  • My Mother's Memoir
  • The Language of Exile in the Poetry of Charles Simic

Science & Math:

  • Statistics
  • Calculus I & II
  • Environmental Policy
  • Human Biology and Gender


  • Science Pedagogy Methods for Middle Grades Teaching
  • Approaches to Teaching College Composition
  • Middle Level School Organization
  • Trends and Issues in Education Practices
  • Methods of Teaching Elementary School Math