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News and events from UI&U's MA students, faculty, and alums.


Jon Neal Wallace, M.A. 2008

Jon Neal Wallace’s final document, “Light from Design,” presents a concept for a new design principle for art entitled, “Directions,” that correlates art and physics.

Elizabeth Jacquet, M.A. 2011

Elizabeth Jacquet focused her Final Document on the lesser-known civilization of the Etruscans, contemporaries of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Daniel Van Horn, M.A. 2011

Daniel Van Horn made an exciting historical discovery during his Applications course of a cache of original drawings and letters from the first official WWI artist commissioned by the U.S. government, J. Andre Smith.

Aaron Moe, M.A. 2009

Aaron Moe has recently Aaron Moe, M.A. 2009, Literature and Writing Concentration published "Chaos & the 'New' Nature Poem: A Look at E. E. Cummings' Poetry." CT Review 32.1 (2010): 11-24. It is a continuation of the work he completed for his final document within the M.A. Program.

David Gentilini, M.A. 2010

David Gentilini focused his studies at UI&U on how to create a relevant and accessible museum experience ̶ making the museum the "lung of a city."

Glenda Taylor, M.A. 2010

Eminent cultural historian Glenda Taylor describes herself as a “griotte,” a mistress of words and music. Her master's thesis was published in 2011 and is available through The Jalimuso’s Drum: African American Female Entertainers as Cultural Historians/Griottes.

Degree: Master of Arts
Credits: 36
Transfer up to 6 credits
Min Time: 18 months (3 terms)
Start Dates: Apr & Oct
Option to start in Jan or July

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