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Elizabeth Jacquet, M.A. 2011

Elizabeth Jacquet focused her Final Document on the lesser-known civilization of the Etruscans, contemporaries of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Through careful examination of the artifacts these people left behind in burial chambers, Jacquet seeks to debunk the slanderous claims made by their Roman enemies.  One of the most fascinating aspects of the Etruscan culture that Jacquet reveals is the equity between men and women.  Iconography in the hand mirrors, for example, honors women as brides, wives, and mothers.  Some reflect men and women reading together or competing as equals in games.  One mirror shows a man and a woman playing a board game wherein the inscription reads “I’m going to beat you” above the woman, and “I do believe you are” carved above the man.  Based on this and other iconography, Jacquet asserts that the hand mirrors are “Not just a tool, but a gift for a bride and a dedication to the deceased. The uniquely Etruscan bronze hand mirror demonstrated the power and equality of Etruscan women."

Etruscan Hand Mirror (2)The M.A. degree from UI&U has not only enhanced Jacquet’s career as a history teacher, it has also given her the courage to start a high school summer program in France, called "L'Atelier au Chateau," with her husband. Although the curriculum emphasizes the fine-arts, creative and scholastic thinking are intertwined in each lesson.  “I believe that my work at Union has given me the edge to stand behind such scholastic and artistic pursuits, and to confidently represent our program as a professional and scholar,” explained Jacquet enthusiastically.  For more information, view their website at

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