It is a continuation of the work he completed for his final document within the M.A. Program.

Moe is now pursuing his doctorate in English. He is currently exploring W. S. Merwin's poetry, specifically how Merwin's ecological anguish leads to an unprecedented poetics of humility.  Along with his literary research, he teaches composition courses for the university's undergraduate program.  He explains his composition philosophy as follows:

Indeed, rhetoric creates the backbone of my composition philosophy. Ethos, pathos, logos, kairos, and decorum. These words encapsulate ideas that guide the composing process, for they define some of the ways through which we persuade.  The composing process must include a rhetorical awareness of how the framing of language--whether its typeface, punctuation, paragraph breaks or facial gestures, intonations of voice, or bodily tilts--contributes to the Protean possibilities of meaning making.
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