Amber Fellure strengthened ties with her grandmother, Ann Brown, during her archival research locating primary sources for her final document.  Their shared passion for genealogy made the discovery journey fun for both of them.  Fellure focused her study on the “French 500” who settled in her town, Gallipolis, Ohio.  These French aristocrats, fleeing from the French Revolution, purchased deeds to the area around Gallipolis from land speculators.  However, those that survived the shipwreck and other hardships to reach this promised land discovered their deeds were worthless.  Fellure dug into their original accounts of how they managed to survive on the Ohio frontier and created a fascinating final document.

Amber Fellure, J.D., is the assistant city prosecutor for Gallipolis.  After graduating from the M.A. Program, she began to teach history, law, and criminal justice classes at her local community college.