Colleen KappelerKappeler found the text to be inspiring and well-deserving of the extra effort to get it out in the public eye. Print and Kindle versions of the book, LOL by Patty Dunn Merletti, are now available on  Along the way, Kappeler learned helpful tips for successfully navigating the self-publishing market.  She recommends starting with Kindle Direct Publishing and, when sales warrant hard copies for book signings, etc., to develop the print version in CreateSpace. Once the book is written, the hardest part is designing the cover because you have to make the front, spine, and back cover all in one document.  Therefore, you may prefer to work with an experienced graphic designer for that step.  After the book is published to Kindle, she suggests pricing it low (under $5) and generating a strong “buzz” through genre-specific chat boards.  The more feedback on your book, the higher it comes up in searches on your topic.