The story is rich in overlapping themes.  It discusses love, deceit, manipulation, the validity of memory, and, most importantly, the nature of sacrifice.  The text also examines the result of that sacrifice on both the person who is sacrificing and on the person who is to benefit from the sacrifice.

The M.A. Program has allowed Freeman a safe environment to hone her craft.  As she explains, “I’m generally not this scatterbrained, but something happened this semester, something that has happened before, but that I never fully realized until now. When working on my own creative pieces, I don’t slide into them.  I crash head-long, ripping and tearing all the way to bottom.  Writing Crescendo Rising was, for me, in some ways like putting raw emotion on a page."

She looks forward to building on the important work completed this term to fleshing out the novella to a full-fledged novel in upcoming terms.