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Dissertations on a Topic

1) Open a dissertation database (go to: library homepage>dissertations tab)

2) Enter keywords on your topic:
Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest) Example

Networked Library of Dissertations & Theses Example

Specific Dissertation

1) Open the Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest) database (go to: library homepage > dissertations tab)

2) Select the author search and type the author (last name, first). Hint: Maiden names and spelling variations will cause errors. If this happens, try an author browse. A “look up authors” link will appear after you select the author search. You can use this to browse dissertation authors by first and last name.

3) Locate your dissertation in the search results
4) Click “Full text - PDF” to open the dissertation. If a “Full text - PDF” option is not available, please contact a librarian


UI&U Dissertations

1) Open the UI&U Dissertations database (go to: library homepage > dissertations tab)
2)Follow the instructions above for finding dissertations on a topic or a specific dissertation.