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New Ebooks: Media & Culture


The UI&U Library e-book collection continues to expand.  We’ve just added new titles in Media & Culture, United States, Criminal Justice, and more.  To view any of the ebooks listed below; use the catalog’s browse search and enter the title (exclude the subtitle).  Please don’t hesitate to contact the library by email (library@myunion.edu) or phone (888-828-8557, extension 8747) if you have any questions.  

Media & Culture

Sound and vision:  the music video reader
Googlization of everything (and why we should worry)
Open access (MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)
Alone together:  why we expect more from technology and less from each other
Coming of age in Second Life:  an anthropologist explores the virtually human
History of communications:  media and society from the evolution of speech to the internet
Encyclopedia of creativity
Myth of digital democracy
Net delusion:  the dark side of internet freedom

United States

Eyes on labor:  new photography and America's working class
Inequality in America:  facts, trends, and international perspectives
Conversations across our America:  talking about immigration and the Latinoization of the United States
Great persuasion:  reinventing free markets since the Depression

Criminal Justice

Ponzi scheme puzzle:  a history and analysis of con artists and victims
They wished they were honest:  the Knapp Commission and New York City police


From melancholia to Prozac:  a history of depression
Mindful Inquiry in Social Research
The myth of human races
World anthropology:  evolutionary models and studies in human diversity
Community college models:  globalization and higher education reform

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