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Spotlight: Opposing Viewpoints Database

U.S. opinion is polarized on a number of different political and social issues. All too often, these opinions are split along traditional socio-economic lines without being thoroughly researched or considered.  However, critical thinking and civil political discourse requires us to actively explore and consider alternative perspectives.
Whether you are researching a topic out of personal interest or required to include an opposing perspective in an academic paper, the UI&U Library’s Opposing Viewpoints in Context database can help you find the necessary background information.  The database has topic pages on a variety of controversial issues such as gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, capital punishment, nuclear energy, immigration, and more.  Each topic page includes opposing viewpoints, reference materials, historical information, journal articles, and statistics that you can use to begin your research.
The Opposing Viewpoints database can be accessed from the UI&U Library’s all databases page (Library Homepage->Articles & Databases tab->All Databases link).  For assistance using Opposing Viewpoint, please contact a librarian.

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