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Suggest a Purchase (Unit 5)

We Invite You

Our librarians are committed to providing a comprehensive collection of resources to support the academic programs at Union Institute & University.  We believe that faculty participation is an essential component of library collection development and we invite you to help us by recommending specific e-books and journals for purchase.


1) Check: To see whether or not a journal is in the UI&U Library collection, go to the journal search box and search by journal name.

2) Recommend: To recommend that the library subscribe to a particular online journal, send an email to Matthew Pappathan, Library Director. You will be notified by email as soon as your recommendation has been received and reviewed. Decisions on journal subscription renewals and new journals to add to the library are made in August each year, so please get your recommendations to Matt by July 30th. Once ordered, new journal subscriptions generally begin at the start of next calendar year.


Ebrary Title Preview Website

Ebrary has a growing collection of individual e-books that are available for purchase and can be added to the UI&U Library Collection.  Please note: Many scholarly e-books, especially textbooks, are not yet available for library purchase. You can use the title preview website to check the availability of a particular title or to browse for books in your subject area.

1) Search: To get started shopping for books, visit the ebrary title preview website and search for books.

E-books in Your Subject AreaTry a subject search. Please contact a librarian if you need help identifying potential subject searches. You can also use the Outstanding Academic Titles (OATS) search to limit search results to books that are highly recommended by the academic library community.

To conduct a subject search: 1) go to the ebrary title preview site, 2) select 'Subject' from the drop-down box, and 3) enter the subject query.

A Specific E-book: Try a search by title (exclude the subtitle) or author (exclude the first name).  We recommend trying both an author and title search.  For example, below are two searches for Narratives in Social Science Research by B. Czarniawska.

2) Review: Search results will appear below. If the record lists a single-user or multiple-user price, then it is available for purchase (we already have access to books marked Subscription: Academic Complete). You can preview a book by clicking the title.

3) Recommend: To recommend a book for purchase, send an email including author and title to Matthew Pappathan (matthew.pappathan@myunion.edu). You will receive an email notification as soon as your book is purchased and made available for use via a link from our library catalog (if this is a time-sensitive request, please let us know in your email). You need not limit your requests to one book at a time---multiple items may be included in each emailed purchase request.

Unit 5 Assignment (optional, worth 20 points): The assignment for unit 5 is to shop for e-books!  Use the ebrary title preview to recommend (at least one) e-book for the UI&U collection.  Send an email with the book recommendation(s) to the instructor of this course (please include a note explaining that this is in regards to Unit 5 of the Faculty Library Orientation).