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Citation Tools (Unit 6)

The UI&U Library provides a variety of resources to help our researchers gather, store, and cite research information.  We provide free access to two citation formatting tools: Google Scholar@UI&U Cite Tool and Zotero.  In addition, the UI&U Library provides citation examples for the APA, Chicago, and MLA styles. Whether you have a student who is struggling with citations or you need a research tool for your own publishing, these tools will save you time and hassle, in addition to being fun to use. 

Google Scholar Cite Tool

Copy & paste preformatted APA, Chicago, and MLA citations directly into your bibliography.

  • Free
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Supports APA, MLA, and Chicago
  • No account creation or software downloads required
  • An excellent tool for Bachelors and Masters-level students.
  • Please note: Citations are automatically formatted and need to be reviewed for accuracy.



Save citations & PDFs while researching and insert them later into papers.

  • Free and open source.
  • Medium level of difficulty; can take several days to learn.
  • Supports APA, Chicago, MLA, and thousands of other citation styles. Easy to switch between styles.
  • Allows you to create a personal library of citations and PDFs.  Most PDFs are automatically imported with the citation.
  • Citation library is stored on your computer. You can sync between computers and store data online. Zotero provides 300 MB of online storage. (~300 PDFs). Additional space can be purchased for a small fee.
  • Helps you organize your citations and collaborate with other researchers.
  • Browser compatibility: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.  Zotero can also be used as a standalone program.
  • Word processor compatibility: MS Word, NeoOffice, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice.
  • Set-up required: Downloading Zotero and a word processor plugin.
  • Please note: Citations are automatically formatted and need to be reviewed for accuracy.

APA, Chicago & MLA Citation Examples

The UI&U Library also provides citation templates and examples in the APA, MLA & Chicago styles.  It's often helpful for students to copy and paste an article and book template into their bibliography so they can quickly check their citations. 

Unit 6 Assignment (optional, worth 20 points)
: Use the Google Scholar Cite Tool to find the APA, Chicago, or MLA citations for the articles and books listed below (remember that automatically formatted citations need to be reviewed for accuracy). Email the citations to the instructor with a note that this is in regards to unit 6 of the Faculty Orientation. If you're planning on using Zotero, watch the instructional videos in the Help Center and download the software as well.

  • Cutting the distance in distance education: Perspectives on what promotes positive, online learning experiences by Boling, Hough, Krinsky, Saleem, and Stevens
  • A Tale of Two Forums: One Professor's Path to Improve Learning through a Common Online Teaching Tool by Bash
  • Engaging the online learner: Activities and resources for creative instruction by Conrad and Donaldson
  • Motivating and retaining online students : research-based strategies that work by Lehman and Conceicao