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Lifelong Learning

The Union Institute & University Library provides a broad range of library services to individuals enrolled in Union Institute & University's Lifelong Learning Program. Although lifelong learners are not eligible to use the Union Institute & University Library’s interlibrary loan services, lifelong learners are eligible for all other services and resources, including reference assistance and the library’s online research databases, i.e., E-books, articles, and dissertations.

Lifelong Learners are eligible to use…
  • E-books
  • Online article databases
  • Online dissertations
  • Reference & research assistance
Lifelong Learners are not eligible to use…
  • Interlibrary loan services

If you have any questions about the Union Institute & University Library’s services and resources, contact us, toll free, at 888-828-8557 x8747, or at library@myunion.edu.