Choosing a Topic | Library Tutorial Module 3
How to find Books in the Online Catalog

You can find books in the online catalog by:

  • searching for a known author, title, call number, or subject
  • searching by keyword for materials on a topic

When should you use the Advanced Search?

  • when you need to combine two or more concepts in your search
  • when you need to search for WORDS in a specific field (i.e. TITLE, SUBJECT, AUTHOR)
  • when you have a TOPIC, but not a specific SUBJECT HEADING
  • when you have WORDS from a TITLE
  • when you have two or more AUTHOR's LAST NAMES
  • when you have an incomplete citation and know only the AUTHOR's LAST NAME and a couple of WORDS from a TITLE

When should you use the Browse Search?

  • when you know the exact TITLE
  • when you know a single AUTHOR'S NAME or you are unsure of the spelling of the author's name
  • when you know a specific SUBJECT HEADING
  • when you know a CALL NUMBER
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