What Will An Article Database Do?

It will give you the information you need to find the article:

Citation Citation Although the database may not contain the article itself, the citation will provide the information that you need to find the article.
Abstract Abstract It may also include an abstract or summary of the article's content. Reading the abstract, you can quickly see if the article will be useful for your topic.
Full text Full text Sometimes an index will link to the complete text of the article. If it doesn't, you can still find the article in other ways. Look for the Search For Full Text link in the article record as described below.
Article Linker Search for Full Text link If the full text is not available immediately online, click on the Search for Full Text link which displays in the article record. It will lead to all available options for retrieving the full text through a service called 360 Link. Click on the link above to see an example.
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