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There are a variety of tools to help format citations.  Two of the most popular ones that UI&U students have access to are Google Scholar & Zotero.


Note: Computer-formatted citations are a great starting point for creating your bibliography, but even the best tools can make mistakes.  Always review the citations formatted by these tools for accuracy, completeness, and adherence to the format guidelines.


Google Scholar

Copy & paste formatted APA/Chicago/MLA citations into your bibliography. 

  • Free
  • Easy to learn and use
  • An excellent tool for Bachelors and Masters-level students
  • Supports APA, MLA, and Chicago style
  • No account creation or software downloads required
  • Please note: Citations are automatically formatted and need to be reviewed for accuracy

Google Scholar@UI&U Login

Google Scholar cite tool video tutorial


Save citations & PDF files on your computer while researching and insert them later as in-text and bibliography citations in your papers. Please note: Zotero citations are automatically formatted and need to be reviewed for accuracy.

  • Free, open source software
  • Medium level of difficulty; can take several days to learn
  • Supports APA, Chicago, MLA, and thousands of other citation styles.
  • Easy to switch between citation styles
  • Allows you to create a personal library of citations (you can also upload article PDF's)
  • Citation library is stored on your computer (works great if you're using one computer/laptop)
  • Helps you organize your citations and collaborate with other researchers
  • Browser compatibility: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari (Internet Explorer is not supported)
  • Word processor compatibility: MS Word, NeoOffice, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice
  • Set-up required: Downloading Zotero and a word processor plugin

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