3. Brainstorming Alternative Keywords

When you decide how to ask, it is also important to think of alternative keywords and phrases for your topic. People can describe the same thing in many different ways, and synonyms can be used to expand your search.

Here are some other related words for the key concepts stereotypes and identity:

Concept 1: stereotypes, stereotypical, propaganda, discrimination, racism, prejudice, prejudices, tonto, mascots, carciatures, mass media, tv, radio, cartoons

Concept 2: identity, ethnic identity, ethnicity, cultural identity, social identity, self perception, self concept

stereotypes: prejudice or prejudices, stereotype or stereotypical, mascot, caricature, discrimination, racism, propaganda, tonto, mass media or tv or radio or cartoons
identity: social identity, ethnic identity, ethnicity, cultural identity, self concept, self perception

Note that we've included variations of keywords such as plurals. Include any alternate spellings of words or abbreviations, too.

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