Alix Desulme
Alix Desulme

Affiliated Faculty

Alix's career from youth volunteer, to student activist, to youth advocate to teacher and to CEO has been a straight trajectory rising in one direction; up! It was Alix's constant presence at civic meetings and community events that captured the attention of community leaders as he emerged as a voice for all in North Miami and throughout Miami-Dade County. This early spark and interest in helping others was marked by Alix's characteristic enthusiasm and energy. At age 22, Alix established Alix Desulme & Associates, Inc. (ADA), a marketing and public relations firm that is based in Miami, Florida since 2001. For almost 10 years Alix has been a small business owner in our community creating jobs and real opportunities many families over the years. A partial list of ADA's clients includes Western Union, The Children's Trust, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, State of Florida, SogeXpress, Food Express, Miami-Dade Democratic Party and the Florida Democratic Party.

Alix earned a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (concentration in Marketing) and Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education from St. Thomas University, in Miami Gardens, Florida. He takes youth issues seriously and became a school teacher because his passion for quality and equitable education was paramount and he wanted to work tirelessly in the public school system to drive the necessary change needed in those representing the future.

Alix is the recipient of several local and national awards including: 2012 Florida Jaycee Outstanding Young Public Service Award recipient, Who's Who in Florida under 25 Years Old, The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH) Outstanding Youth Achievement Award, Miami-Dade County Outstanding Young Professional Award, City of North Miami Close-Up Achievement Award, just to name a few.

In a 2009 city-wide election, Alix was elected City Clerk for the City of North Miami. He is the first Black to serve in this capacity for the City of North Miami. Alix holds the distinction of being the youngest and the first Haitian-American elected City Clerk in the United States of America.

As the Elected City Clerk for the City of North Miami Alix founded and actively secured support and funding from local politicians, businesses and school board members - NoMi Kids & Democracy, a program designed to teach students about citizenship, civic involvement, local government and our electoral process through experimentation. NoMi Kids & Democracy give students an opportunity in public schools to run for school-wide offices and campaign for election. This process culminates in students voting in REAL voting booths. NoMi Kids & Democracy also focuses on leadership - with several follow up workshops that focus on the development of leadership skills necessary to lead in school and in the real world. Alix champions causes for the youth that make them and the community at large better all around thorough innovative solutions - with a real world, applicable feel.

Alix is a member of several organizations including co-founder of the Haitian American Elected Officials Network, the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, South Florida Chapter of Haitian American Elected Officials, Operation Green Leaves Project, North Miami Knights of Columbus, North Miami Business Advisory Committee, Citizens for a Better Government (PAC), North Miami Jaycees, Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee, Big Brother & Big Sister of Dade County, Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami and the Florida Keys.