Geof Hewitt
Geof Hewitt

Affiliated Faculty
Psychologists tell us that the higher the level of stress, the less learning is possible. Conversely, my theory goes, the more relaxed we are, the greater our capacity for learning. So I want our time together to be fun and, indeed, I want you to enjoy your study. Have fun with it. Have fun with our group, and never hesitate to let me know if there are ways I can enhance your experience!

After sixteen years teaching in the Bachelor of Art's weekend option, his experience has shown that the more we communicate with each other, offering our own ideas about one another's studies, the richer the experience for everyone. Teaching is probably the best way to learn! All of us must act as teachers so that all of us will be best equipped to learn!

Geof is a writer who enjoys helping others improve their writing. He has been writing poems for nearly 45 years and, in the early 1990's, he started Writing for Teachers, a program designed to support local teachers. Most of his books are available from and at better bookstores.

Geof's fulltime job at the Vermont Department of Education (as Writing/Secondary English Consultant) offers frequent opportunities to visit schools, sometimes helping teachers with curriculum development, sometimes working with them on ways to guide students toward becoming better writers, readers, speakers, listeners. As Vermont's reigning poetry slam champion, he encourages teachers to bring this fun, sometimes raucous, activity into their classrooms as a way of encouraging the development of speaking and listening skills.

M.F.A. Poetry, University of Iowa Writers Workshop, 1996
M.A. English, Johns Hopkins University, 1967