Julia Crane
Julia Crane

Affiliated Faculty

I often encourage my undergraduate learners to ask questions, to dig deeper. The richest subjects don't always offer easy answers, and the ability to ask questions can be a vital skill, both academically and existentially. Real learning can happen when "not knowing" opens the mind and spurs us on to befriend paradox. In this sense, education is a work in progress, continually expanding the limits of our knowledge and assumptions about life.

Julia Crane holds a B.A. in Literature and Drama and an M.F.A. in Writing and Literature from Bennington College.  She has taught at Granite State College,  the Monadnock Waldorf School,  and the Bennington July Program, where she served as head resident advisor.  Currently, she serves as part-time faculty in the Bachelor of Arts program at Union Institute & University.  Julia is the author of a poetry collection, Twisted Little Love Stories,published by Finishing Line Press.  Her poems have appeared in Boulevard, Blood Lotus, 5AM, Diner, Mad Poets Review, Paper Street, and elsewhere.  She has written book reviews for the New Hampshire Writers’ Project newsletter, Ex Libris.

Julia considers herself a passionate, life-long learner, and finds teaching to be the ideal path to learning.  She also sees literature and writing as a path to the realization of the self and a deeper sense of humanity.  In addition to her focus in literature and creative writing, she is interested in spirituality, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian psychology, classical mythology, film, theatre, meditation, classical music, and the cathartic power of art.

As a classically trained cellist, she has taught cello to adult beginners and grade school children, and currently continues to perform with local orchestras and ensembles. Julia also has an extensive background in the dramatic arts, with a particular interest in the plays of Shakespeare and Chekhov.