Lincoln Pettaway
Lincoln Pettaway

Affiliated Faculty

Lincoln Pettaway's research interests include: same-gender loving communities, GLBTQ youth of color, African male identity formation, work identities, workplace diversity, community education, capacity building and transfer, non-profit management and non-profit marketing.

Over the past ten years Dr. Pettaway has worked with non-profit agencies in many different capacities; first as a capacity builder and community educator, and more recently, as the project director of a CDC funded program, geared towards the African American and Haitian community. Over the past few years he has worked with over 200 youth in the Miami-Dade school system, while consulting with the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth. Currently Dr. Pettaway works with the APA as a consultant for CDC funded organizations that require technical assistant.

Dr. Pettaway also has several plus years of marketing and sales experience. As a consultant in the non-profit arena he has spent a majority of his time directing marketing, recruitment and data management initiatives. Dr. Pettaway is responsible for the marketing of undergraduate educational programs, development of international programs, as well as manages a number of grants funded projects at Barry University's, Adrian Dominican School of Education.

Over the years, Dr. Pettaway has begun to look at the systematic and structural challenges which faced the communities he served. The nature of his present research has led him to question the characteristics of work and how work effects and informs identity, as well as the symbiotic relationship between African American male's work identity and personal identity.