Lorraine Hale
Lorraine Hale



Lorraine has been involved in education for most of her professional life. She began her career as a nurse but moved from that profession to teaching.

After completing her BSc at the University of New South Wales( NSW Australia) she went on to be Science Coordinator in High School. During that time she completed a post graduate diploma and degree in Education. Lorraine moved to the Catholic Education Office as Coordinator for Religious Education and assistant to the Director of Education in Lismore, NSW. After completing a MA at the Catholic University in Washington, DC, Lorraine moved to Staten Island NY. She worked at Fordham while pursuing her PhD.

From NY, Lorraine went to Barry University (Miami, FL) and after four years in the Department of Education she continued onto Presentation College (Aberdeen, SD) as Academic Dean. She then went on to be president of the College for approximately 16 years. Lorraine retired from this position in June of 2011. At the present she resides in Staten Island, NY.