Nadell Fishman

Affiliated Faculty
If you are working towards having a writing life, I'd love to talk with you about how you find and what is your material and what are and how do you tap into your obsessions, both essentials for a writer.

Nadell has been teaching in the B.A. program since 1994, focused mainly in Writing and Literature. She is also happy to work with learners interested in Women's Studies. She loves to work with learners who haven¹t yet discovered, or are just beginning to discover, the joys of reading and thinking critically about literature. There are many ways to shape a literature study to meet degree criteria or to build on previous reading. She's worked on literature studies such as: survey of 19th and 20th century novels; survey of literary genres; writing short stories; the literature of gay and lesbian writers; women's diaries; reading and writing memoir; contemporary women poets; and writing poetry.

Nadell is a working writer. Although she admires good fiction and is addicted to reading it, she writes poetry. Her first book of poems, Drive, came out in 2000 and she's currently working on a second collection. Early on, she was fortunate to study with poets such as Linda McCarriston, Jane Shore, Louise Gluck, and Stephen Dunn who helped her to hear and respect what is unique in her poems. She tries to work with learners in this same way, whether in fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry.

In other areas, Nadell has worked with students on studies of women in literature, women in transition, menopause, and women's spirituality, the psychological and sociological development of girls to women to crones, motherhood, and the mother-daughter relationship. She has facilitated studies in the foster care system, the rights and needs of people living with disabilities, and our culture's response to violence against women. She's facilitated a variety of studies from Shamanism to Yoga and Buddhism, and spiritual autobiographies. Some interesting studies she facilitated include: an in-depth look at the AIDS pandemic; adults living with Attention Deficit Disorder; the role of contemporary Navajo women; gender differences with an emphasis on parenting, communication and intimacy; and the precarious position of predators between conservationists, farmers and hunters.

After living in Vermont for 31 years, in 2007 Nadell moved to Manhattan. She's been thinking a lot about transitions lately—a rich subject for a writer.

M.F.A. Writing, Norwich University, 1983