Patricia Burke
Patricia Burke

Affiliated Faculty
As a faculty advisor in the undergraduate program, my hope and intention is to awaken learners' curiosity, passion, and imagination in service to their academic and life visions.

Patricia Burke brings over 25 years of post-graduate study and clinical practice in the fields of counseling and psychology, addictions treatment, social work, and holistic/integrative studies. She has an extensive knowledge of psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanism, cognitive behavioral theory, and family systems. Patricia also has a passion for mythology, folk tales, storytelling, Jungian ideas, narrative therapy, which emphasize a respectful approach to working with people; transpersonal psychology with its focus on the exploration of human consciousness; the practice of mindfulness in psychological/spiritual development, alternative and complementary healing practices; and the relational work of the Stone Center, which focuses on women's development from a feminist perspective.

Patricia's training and study as a social worker has led her to explore the socio-political/cultural contexts of poverty, violence, oppression, and modern power that shape people's identities and how they make meaning of their lives. She also has an interest, developed over the past 15 years, in creative writing, particularly memoir, poetry, proprioceptive writing, and writing as a meditation/healing practice. Finally, over the past number of years, she has been deeply involved in the work of integrating spiritual philosophies and practices into her teaching and clinical practice in a respectful and culturally sensitive way.

Her most recent publications include three chapters in Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment, published by Haworth Press in 2006.

Patricia earned a B.A. from Brandeis University in 1977 and an M.S.W. from Boston University in 1981. She has taught at the Southern Maine Community College, University of Southern Maine Department of Social Work, the University of New England Graduate School of Social Work, and the Rutgers University Summer School of Alcohol and Drug Studies. She is currently a part-time faculty member of the Union Institute & University undergraduate program and teaches in both the Psychology & Human Development and Religion, Spirituality, & Holistic Studies concentrations.

Patricia is on the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Mental Health Services in Lewiston, Maine and maintains a private clinical psychotherapy practice in West Baldwin and Yarmouth, Maine.