Samuel Liss
Samuel Liss

Affiliated Faculty

Mr. Samuel Liss graduated from Columbia University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1976 with a Ph.G. and B.S as well as an honors credit in biology and a 4.0 GPA. After practicing community and hospital pharmacy, he re-entered college at the University of CT for graduate studies with a particular interest in teaching the biological sciences on a university level.

In addition to being a member of the affiliated faculty of the Psy.D. program at Union Institute & University, Mr. Liss teaches human anatomy and physiology and pharmacology within the nursing curriculum at Vermont Technical College (VTC). He has been affiliated with VTC for 11 years as adjunct faculty and is a member of the academic support services team. He has also instructed Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation counselors via Webinars on psychopharmacology and has achieved pharmacology textbook editing credit.

His specializations are within the fields of neurophysiology and psychoneuropharmacology, having lectured widely on the subjects.

Aside from his chosen profession, Mr. Liss is Chairperson of the VT Statewide Independent Living Counsel (SILC) and Chair of the Advocacy Committee of the State Rehabilitation Counsel (SRC), as well as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of VT Center for Independent Living (VCIL). He developed an interest in advocacy for persons with disabilities and has achieved much success and satisfaction on a statewide level over many years.