Toni Gregory, Ed.D.
Toni Gregory

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

513.861.6400 extension 1237 or 800.486.3116 extension 1237

Dr. Gregory specializes in the study of organizational learning and the impact of culture and complexity on organizational transformation. She has been a faculty member, senior administrator and program director in higher education. She has also been a corporate manager and the director of research for the American Institute for Managing Diversity where she established and managed a global research division and supervised a variety of research initiatives. She has a broad based background in research methods and design. She has an extensive background in leadership, management and organization theory. She is a consultant to organizations and co-developer, with Dr. Odis Simmons, of an action-oriented form of Grounded Theory known as Grounded Action. She has authored and co-authored numerous articles on diversity and managing complexity. She has also worked on initiatives at the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT, contributed to the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Dance of Change, as well as conducted extensive research and consulting on large scale organizational change.

Dr. Gregory is founder of the Grounded Action Institute which is dedicated to creating models for planning, decision-making, and problem solving, grounded in real life experiences. She employs her expertise in understanding, creating, and managing optimal and sustainable change to provide groundbreaking perspectives into the complexities of managing human, environmental, and technological diversity.

Dr. Gregory earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan. She earned her Master and Doctor of Education degrees in Corporate Education and Organizational Psychology/Organizational & Transformative Learning from the University of Cincinnati. Her dissertation is entitled Transformative Learning: A Case Study of Thomas' Theory of Diversity.