William Carter
William Carter

Affiliated Faculty


Faculty Advisor:
Business Management (LA)
Criminal Justice Management

William Carter is a faculty advisor and professor at Union Institute & University, lecturing in both the Criminal Justice Management and Emergency Services Management degree programs. He is the site coordinator for the ESM program at the LAPD Ahmanson Recruit Training Center in Westchester, CA.

William earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Management from Union Institute & University and a Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business from Liberty University in 2008. He also completed the required course of studies at the Delinquency Control Institute offered by the University of Southern California. William is also working on completing his doctoral studies in Public Administration.

Presently, William is serving as a Chief of School Police and has the responsibility of rebuilding a police department in southern California. Prior to his current assignment, William worked for the Los Angeles Police Department and earned the ranks of Sergeant and Detective having worked in a number of specialized and administrative assignments. Collectively, he has served the law enforcement profession more than 20 years.