Email Use

Effective August 31, 2009

It is the policy of Union Institute & University that faculty, staff, and students pursuing undergraduate degrees are provided with e-mail accounts. These email accounts are the official means of communication from the university: messages will not be sent to students’ personal email accounts.

University email accounts are intended for educational purposes. They are published in the student directory on the UI&U website making the address available for anyone assigned a UI&U password.

Logging into a UI&U email account constitutes acceptance of this policy and agreement to abide by the Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy and all other policies referenced within.

Access and Security

If a student withdraws from UI&U or an employee ends employment, the account is deactivated. For student email accounts, content is deleted when the account is de-activated. For employee accounts, content is the property of the university, and may be deleted and/or stored. Students, faculty, and staff are prohibited from utilizing university email for personal gain, including distribution of “special offers” or solicitation of any kind.

UI&U utilizes anti-virus and anti-spam software to scan all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages. Any messages determined by the scanning software to contain a virus will not be delivered unless the virus can be cleaned and/or removed from the message. The anti-spam software marks messages determined to be potential spam with [SPAM] in the subject line and delivers the message to your account. Users have the option of having these messages auto-delivered to a SPAM folder in your Webmail account. Information Technology (IT) staff monitors the accuracy of the software and makes adjustments as necessary. UI&U reserves the right to update or change the anti-virus and anti-spam software or settings at any time and without prior notice.


Special software is installed on university technology resources in order to support resource usage accounting, security, network management, hardware and software inventory, PC back-up systems and software updating functions, and to provide better support. Authorized IT personnel may access others’ files when necessary for the maintenance and security of technology resources. Advanced notification of access will be given when possible and time allows. When performing maintenance, every effort will be made to insure the privacy of a user’s files. However, if violations of policies are discovered, they will be reported to the director of Information Technology.

In the normal course of managing the campus-based Internet bandwidth and e-mail systems, UI&U may, from time to time, monitor messages created, received or sent via university e-mail servers. These measures are taken to maintain costs, and to ensure usability by UI&U students, alumni, faculty and staff. Users are expected to refrain from initiating activities that interfere with the work of other users. In doubtful situations, IT staff should be consulted.