Student Leave Of Absence


Please review the content below before submitting the Student Leave of Absence Request Form[PDF, 58k]



Union Institute & University (UI&U) provides a Leave of Absence for the following purposes:

  • To assist students in two categories: those who have an emergency mid-term and need to exit the program on a temporary basis, and those who wish to take an elective term off for travel, work, personal or family reasons, finances.
  • To supplement the existing withdrawal policy.
  • To permit students who are issued an “I” grade due to emergency exit from the program the opportunity to complete that work at the end of the next-registered term, even if a period of non-registration intervenes.
  • To support enrollment management and retention by making UI&U policies more student friendly.

Reasons for requesting a leave of absence may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Health / injury
  • Family emergency
  • Job emergency
  • Natural disaster
  • Long-term jury duty
  • Unique study/travel/enrichment opportunity
  • Financial emergency
  • Military service related commitments

Policy Implications for Students

This is an academic policy only. Failure to maintain registered active (RA) status, even with university approval, may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility. UI&U is required by federal guidelines to report non-registered students as “not enrolled/withdrawn”. Financial aid will not be available for students during a leave of absence and students on leaves of absence will not qualify for an in-school deferment.

Students should be directed to speak to a financial aid counselor prior taking a leave of absence to understand how the leave will affect the student’s financial aid situation.

Policy Specifics

Maximum Length of Leave: The maximum length of leave for non-military students is 18 months. Students on military leave may have an unlimited leave period, depending on their military service related commitments.

Student Status While on Leave: While on leave, students will be classified as temporary withdrawal status (WT). They will have access to UI&U email, but not Campus Web or UI&U Library. Students will not have access to other university services except as needed for re-entry to the university.

Number of Leaves Allowed: Students are permitted to take one Leave of Absence while enrolled at Union Institute & University. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the program dean.

Academic Standing: Student academic standing should not be a criterion for approval of an emergency leave of absence; however, academic standing may be considered in granting requests for an elective leave of absence.

Oversight of Leave of Absence: The program dean makes the decision to approve or deny the Leave of Absence. The program dean is also responsible for ensuring adherence to the terms of the Leave of Absence. The program dean can authorize a status change from temporary withdrawal to permanent withdrawal for a student’s failure to return to an active status or receive approval to extend leave by the end date of the Leave of Absence.

Deadline for completion of coursework: Coursework started, but not completed, prior to the Leave of Absence must be completed and submitted to the appropriate faculty by the end of the first full term after return. The program dean will monitor the timetable to ensure compliance.

Adherence to New Program Requirements: Unless an exception is made by the program dean, students must abide by program policies and procedures that are in effect at the time of return.


The student will submit a Leave of Absence Request Form [PDF, 58k] which must include the start and end dates of the LOA to the program dean. The program dean will approve or deny the request. If approved, the program dean will submit the form to the registrar for further processing. The program dean will monitor the start and end dates of the Leave of Absence. If denied, the student may appeal to the provost.