Frequently Asked QuestionsAccommodating Students With Disabilities

The information provided below is designed to assist various on- and off-campus constituents in locating answers to some commonly asked questions regarding accommodating students with disabilities.

What accommodations are offered at Union Institute & University?

Students request accommodations based on their experiences with their disabilities, and therefore, accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. There is no predetermined list of accommodations from which to choose. If you have a disability, you should determine what modifications would best accommodate your disability and share that information with the accessibility coordinator in order to develop an effective and appropriate educational plan (EP).

I am a prospective student with a disability.  Do I have to tell admissions about my disability?  Will my disability influence my admission to the college?

No.  You are not obligated to inform the college of your disability during the admissions process.  The presence of a disability will not influence your admission to the college at all.

Do I have to pay extra for accommodations?

No.  Appropriate accommodations as defined by the university’s ADA Policy are provided by the college at no cost to the student.

Do I have to request accommodations if I have a disability?

No. You only have to request accommodations if you want to use them in your studies.  Accommodations will not be suggested or offered unless you officially request them through the accessibility coordinator. In fact, no accommodations may be made by faculty or staff unless you have officially requested them through the accessibility coordinator and have an official educational profile.

What is the difference between asking faculty or staff about accommodations and talking with the accessibility coordinator about my accommodation?

Requesting accommodations through the university’s accessibility coordinator officially notifies the university that you are a student with a disability and invokes the protection of applicable state and federal disability laws.  Talking with any other faculty or staff about needed modifications in your course of study does not.

Once I have an approved EP on file with the Accessibility Coordinator, do I need to do anything else?

Yes. You must contact the AC at the start of each term so that the AC can notify your new instructors of the accommodations that have been approved in your EP. In addition, if previously agreed upon accommodations need to be changed for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact the AC so that changes can be made to your education profile.

Can I get a waiver of academic/program requirements as an accommodation for my disability?

Waiver of academic/program requirements or other academic decisions are not considered to be accommodations: under ADA, schools are not required to waive program requirements or modify learning criteria for students with disabilities.  Such requests must be handled separately from the disability accommodation process. The accessibility coordinator can help you to determine whether your request for accommodations actually requires an academic decision. You may submit a request a waiver of an academic requirement to the dean of your program; however, it is important to remember that students with disabilities are expected to meet the same academic standards as are students without disabilities.