Why Should I Register?

If you want access to the formal resources offered through the accessibility office, it is your responsibility to register with the office. But, why should you register?

Adult students consistently report concern that if they disclose their disability:

  • they will be placed in easier courses
  • held to a lower standard than everyone else
  • everyone in their studies will know their business and treat them differently

These concerns represent a misunderstanding about what it means to be a student with a disability in higher education. Students registered with the office are not placed into easier courses, are held to the same academic and behavioral standards as all students, and only those personnel responsible for achieving equitable access for the student will be notified by the office that they are registered and entitled to certain accommodations.

The purpose of registering with the office is to ensure an equal opportunity for success in your college experience by making sure that reasonable accommodations are determined and implemented in an appropriate manner. Registering with the office ensures that you will be able to access your courses, textbooks and assignments so that you have the same opportunity to succeed as any other student.

It is recommended that you register and have an education profile (EP) in place even if the effects of your disability are sporadic in nature.  Then, should a flare-up occur, the execution of the plan will be easier.

The EP will be kept confidentially in the accessibility office and never become part of the permanent academic record of the student.  It is, however, the responsibility of the student to notify the accessibility coordinator at the beginning of each semester if his/her plan is to be activated.  The student should request that the plan be sent to their faculty for that semester.  However, the accessibility coordinator has the right to confidentially discuss the plan with whomever is necessary to implement accommodations.