Leslie Wasserman

Dr. Leslie Haley Wasserman has three degrees in Early Childhood Education (B.S., M.Ed., and Ph.D.) and a validation in Early Education of the Handicapped Child. She holds current Ohio Teacher Certification in Prekindergarten, Kindergarten- 3rd grade (Primary) and Early Education of the Handicapped Child (Preschool Special Needs). She is a former preschool special needs teacher, kindergarten teacher, and first grade teacher. She has been teaching at the Higher Education level for over 10 years. She enjoys research and writing for educational publications. Her research interests lie in ADHD, Neuroscience and Early Childhood, Twice Exceptional Learners (gifted and special needs), and Inclusion. She enjoys presenting and has published several manuscripts. Dr. Wasserman just completed writing and editing a book on Neuroscience (brain research) and Early Childhood that will be published in 2013. Dr. Wasserman is a peer reviewer for many professional journals and is a Consulting Editor for NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) where she reviews and critiques manuscripts, book chapters, books, and/or other draft publications. This position was appointed by the NAEYC publisher that helps to identify and nurture potential authors and provide evaluations and suggestions for all aspects of the NAEYC’s publications program. Dr. Wasserman also sits on several national early childhood boards.