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Program Overview - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Studies

The Education concentration is designed for those wishing to earn a bachelor’s degree while exploring issues in education through an interdisciplinary approach. In contrast to a standard bachelor’s degree in education, UI&U’s Bachelor of Arts degree program offers a broader spectrum of study for current and future educators.

Education studies encompass a variety of topics in the social, psychological, political, cultural, and economic dimensions of education. A primary area of focus is the complex relationship between the purposes and effects of schooling. Education is a non-licensure concentration. Students pursuing licensure must concentrate in an academic field aligned with their prospective teaching career.

Recent Student Studies

  • The role of schools in a diverse democracy
  • Tensions around equality of opportunity, universal access, and elite education
  • Effective approaches to teaching and learning for multiple learning styles
  • Testing and content mastery approaches compared to progressive education approaches
  • The effects of local, state, and federal policy on student achievement