Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Initial Academic Residency

Students may choose to attend one of two Initial Academic Residencies (IARs) in either July or January. The July residency takes place for eight days, face-to-face at our main academic center in Cincinnati. The IAR is followed by an online three-day, mid-semester residency (professional development practica). The January IAR takes place over two weekends; the first weekend face-to-face followed by one weekend online.

Each IAR is guided by knowledgeable faculty and staff experienced in the process of group interaction. They seek to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and affirmation and to encourage overall participation in discussions of the history, philosophy, and expectations of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program. As the IAR experience unfolds, the student will develop new ideas about how to meet his or her learning needs. The students will be well on the way toward building a network of contacts with members of the university to include the dean, faculty, University staff and other students.

As a new Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) student, you will begin your program with an Initial Academic Residency (IAR) in either January or July. During both the July eight (8)-day IAR and the three (3)-day January weekend experiences you will:

  • Be introduced to the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program’s mission and goals.
  • Engage in core and foundational learning.
  • Build mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with your learning cohort, faculty, and staff.

The academic residencies include the following learning activities:

  • A required sequence of seminars that are completed through face-to-face and online teaching.
  • Lectures and follow-up discussions hosted by leading scholars.
  • Panel discussions that address important intellectual, professional, and social justice issues.
  • Professional/creative activities that bring together theory and practice.