Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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As a member of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) community, students have an important contribution to make to its growth. The program is designed so that the student’s knowledge and experience, as well as that of other students, will be available to the community. Academic residencies provide formal opportunities for students to interact with faculty and other students in mutual sharing and learning. A variety of learning activities occur at academic residencies.

In addition to the introductory meetings at the seminars you will complete that term, the residencies will include such activities as an overview of Union Institute & University’s administrative processes, lectures by visiting speakers, presentations, roundtable discussions and panels organized by students and faculty, academic advising, and presentation and discussion of dissertations. Networking, collaborative learning, and peer learning are essential features of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program educational process. Academic residencies are held at sites arranged by the Union Institute & University Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program.

Each term includes a combination of seminar and practica. Students fulfill the academic residency requirement by attending a residency at the beginning of January or July followed by 2 on-line mid-semester consecutive weekends of Professional Development.

Residency Attendance Policy

Students are required to be in attendance throughout the duration of the academic residency be they face-to-face or virtual. Attendance at the academic residency is required for continuation in the program. If a student misses an academic residency, s/he is considered administratively withdrawn from the program and will be able to reenter and join the next cohort.