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Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduate Certificate In Creative Writing

This is available to students enrolled in the Ph.D. program and can be completed without taking additional coursework. Comprised of two workshop-style creative writing seminars and two advanced content seminars, the twelve-credit Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing provides students with formal recognition of their coursework in creative writing as well as their dedication to creative writing as a craft, scholarship, and intellectual pursuit. Given the increased attentiveness to creative writing in fields such as education, leadership studies, sociology, psychology, and medicine, many students find this formal recognition of their scholarly-creative work to be a valuable credential in both academic and non-academic job markets.

Benefits at a Glance

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing:

  • Adds interdisciplinary breadth to a student’s courses of study.
  • Recognizes a student’s creative and scholarly pursuits in the field of Creative Writing.
  • Enables students to delve deeply and fully into their own creative writing and the creative writing of others.
  • Strengthens students’ ability to read and critique a wide variety of texts with the eye of a writer and editor.
  • Enables students to critically explore intersections of creative and scholarly discourses.
  • Assists students in producing contextualized creative dissertations centered on creative writing projects.


The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing requires 12 credit hours, 6 of which must be Creative Writing seminars taken as electives and 6 of which may be chosen from among an approved list of advanced seminars.

Required Seminars

6 credits, taken as electives

  • HMS 808: Creative Writing I
  • HMS 823: Creative Writing II

Any two of the following advanced seminars

6 credits

  • HMS 802: Memoir and Identity
  • HMS/PPS 805: Poetry and Politics
  • HMS/MLK 801: The Art of Protest
  • HMS 816: Creative Writing Form and Genre
  • HMS 850/860: Individualized Study (when used to produce creative work)


Current and prospective Ph.D. students interested in obtaining the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing contact Andrea Scarpino andrea.scarpino@myunion.edu.