Doctor of Philosophy

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Estimated Cost

Along with tuition and fees, we’ve included an estimate of some associated costs based on the past experiences of students in the Interdisciplinary Studies Ph.D. program. These costs will vary depending on residency location and travel from different regions of the country. When calculating your cost to attend, please keep in mind that you will be enrolled in the program for at least six terms (two terms per year, 3 year minimum in the program) and a minimum of 66 credit hours.

Tuition $1110/credit hour
Application Fee $50
Technology Fee* $90 per term (full-time)
$45 per term (part-time)

Potential Registration Costs

Comprehensive Exam Course Extension $1320 per term
Dissertation Supervision Fee $2650 per term
Program Completion Extension $1560 per term


IAR Deposit $200
Books $300 average per term
Travel (Airfare) $300-700 average round-trip
Travel (Car/Bus) Variable dependent on distance
Lodging $666.90
($111.15(tax included) per night x6 nights)
Meals $280
($40 average per day x7 days)
Airport Shuttle $64 round trip
Rental Car (Optional) $150 average
Parking $10 a day at Kingsgate Marriott


Laptop (Optional) $300-900 average
Home Internet Access $35-$40 average per month
Wi-Fi is included at the residency