Doctor of Philosophy

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Student Goverance


The Student Governance Committee for the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies program is the representative body responsible for ensuring communication between students, faculty, and administration, integrating social development of students, and fostering a general sense of community. Each residency, members of the Cohort PhD Student Governance Committee organize a New Cohort Welcome event at the residency.  The Student Governance Committee will have one formal meeting during each academic residency, and meet by phone or web conference as needed.


All enrolled students in the Ph.D. program are eligible to be nominated. There are 10 elected representatives and 2 appointed at-large representatives (12 total) comprised of:

  1. One representative from each cohort attending residencies (6 total)
  2. One representative from ABD group (student beyond term 6)
  3. One representative from each of the areas of concentration regardless of cohort (3 total)
  4. Two appointed at-large representatives

One administrator will serve as an ex-officio member on the student Governance Committee. Any vacated seats may be filled by the ex-officio member.

Nominations are accepted for a member of each cohort attending the residency and each area of concentration. Representatives may be nominated by other cohort students, faculty and administration. Self nominations are also accepted. All are strongly encouraged to consider diversity in the nomination process. Students have the right to decline the nomination. Nominations are collected during the month of June for a 1 year term of service (2 successive academic terms), beginning July 1. For term 1 (new) students, nomination will be accepted on day 5 of the Initial Academic Residency. A student who has already served a 1 year term can be re-elected.


All enrolled students in the Ph.D. program are eligible to vote. Voting will be conducted electronically and new members will be announced at the Closing dinner during the residency. Each student has the right to cast a vote for their cohort representative, their primary area of concentration representative, and an ABD nominee (if applicable).