Courses For Non-Profit Professionals

Volunteer Management

On-ground in Cincinnati, OH, in partnership with the Cincinnati Association of Volunteer Administrators (CAVA). Courses offered by CAVA include Volunteer Management 101, Management of Volunteer Programs Certificate, and monthly skill builders.

Volunteer Management 101
Volunteer Management 101 is an all day introduction and refresher to volunteer management basic skills. Provided with a broad overview of all aspects of volunteer management, class members will walk away with valuable materials, insights, and connections to other local volunteer administrators.  Topics include: engaging volunteers, measuring impact, budgets, needs assessments, matching/placement, paid/volunteer staff relations, supervision and evaluation, recognition and retention.  2013 class offerings are February 12 and July 31.

Management of Volunteer Programs (MVP)
The MVP Certification is an earned certificate awarded by the Cincinnati Association of Volunteer Administrators in conjunction with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. MVP Certification supports professionals who manage volunteer programs in both non-profit and for-profit agencies and corporations. Instructors provide developmental tools, detailed methods, current concepts, and best practices in the field of volunteer engagement. Through lecture, classroom discussion, group activities, and video presentations, participants will develop their own professional skills.

Each class may be taken individually or as a series. To earn the MVP Certificate participants must:

  1. Attend and actively participate in the entire MVP series (6 classes).
  2. Write a five page paper after implementation of concepts and submit by the due date.

Cincinnati Regional Non-Profit Data

Periodic presentations from the 2011 study, Holding Our Community Together: The Nonprofits of Greater Cincinnati. Click here for study.