Sponsor Designed Learning

Services for Professional Development Organizations, Programs, and School Districts

Lifelong Learning oversees the development and administration of the academic approval process for undergraduate and graduate credit offerings developed by outside organizations and individuals (or “Sponsors”) in partnership with Union Institute & University.

As a Sponsor you may offer coursework at one of our centers, online, or at other sites*. We will support you and your organization in the development of coursework that both fulfills Union Institute & University’s rigorous academic standards and meets your unique professional development needs. We work with many sponsors, including programs, school districts, and professional development organizations, who seek to offer their courses for graduate or undergraduate credit.

*unless it is an online offering, the location of the course must be in a state in which Union Institute & University is licensed to operate.

Organizations That Have Created Sponsor Designed Courses/Programs Include

For further information, please see this sample of our Course Proposal Cover Sheet [PDF, 109KB], our Information Sheet [PDF, 145KB], and our Checklist [PDF, 99KB].