Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

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Delivery & Distinctions

Master’s in Organizational Leadership Delivery

  • Distance learning (online) format with a virtual learning community
  • Cohort program completed in three modules
    • Each module is 16-weeks in length
  • Three 16-week terms
    • August – December (Fall Term)
    • January – April (Winter Term)
    • April – August (Spring/Summer Term)
  • Each 16-week term is split into two 8-week sessions
    • Students take two courses every 8 weeks
  • Start Dates: January or August
  • Student Status: Full-time student status only
  • MSOL Capstone Project: In addition to completing the 36 credits required, each student must satisfactorily complete an MSOL Capstone Project. Students work on this capstone throughout the program and complete components at the end of each of the three 16-week terms

Each course includes:

  • Two 90-minute interactive webinars with scholar-practitioners who are experts in their field
  • Weekly online dialogues with professionals from various fields, organizational and leadership subject matter experts, and peers
  • A minimum of two 30-minute one-on-one video/teleconference coaching sessions
  • Weekly online readings, assignments, and integrative activities
  • Individual and/or team practical application projects, e.g., case studies analyses, problem-solving presentations

Master’s in Organizational Leadership Distinctions:

  • 12 core courses in three distinct leadership modules
  • Leadership mentors for students from their chosen profession
  • Students adapt course assignments, projects, etc. to their professions and address work-related issues
  • Students engage in actively addressing, resolving, or contributing to the resolution of current local and global issues
  • Integrative activities enable students to apply their learning to their professional leadership styles, careers and jobs
  • Students create a professional portfolio by the end of the program
  • An online leadership resource center includes articles, videos, podcasts, web links, book titles, etc., related to the student’s chosen profession