IAA Volunteer Board

Guiding Principles

  • We are alumnae/i of Union Institute & University who choose to serve on this Board.
  • We meet via conference call once a month; work on projects that sometimes require additional committee meetings; have a face-to-face in Cincinnati once a year during commencement; pay our transportation to Cincinnati for the face-to-face meeting; volunteer for committees thereby ensuring an equitable sharing of work; use our talents and expertise to advance Union Institute & University IAA goals.
  • We are courteous to each other at all times; encourage each other to present ideas; work in an environment of congeniality, collegiality, camaraderie.
  • We uphold Union Institute & University’s Mission by supporting its goals through support of our alumnae/i.


Union Institute & University’s International Alumni Association strives to promote the values, heritage, traditions, and evolving goals of Union Institute & University in both principle and practice and to foster the interrelationships among students, administration, alumni, and faculty, keeping with the tradition of Union’s spirit of excellence.

2013 Alumni Directors

Rochelle Burns
Edward Bushong
Dr. Jamilah Muhsinah Hamidullah
Joyce Hayden-Seman
Juanita Johnson
Donald Kagin
Dana Millen
Dr. June Kocsis
John C. “Turk” Logan, Jr. Ph.D.
Steven Swerdfeger
Juanita Tate
Greg Trombly