Dr. Jamilah Muhsinah Hamidullah

Jamilah Muhsinah Hamidullah

Dr. Jamilah Muhsinah Hamidullah’s career reflects her lifelong passion for education, children and schools.

In 1996, she was appointed headmistress and kindergarten teacher of Bright Horizon School, a subsidiary of the Dayton Islamic Center, where she served a culturally-diverse student group and developed the school from prekindergarten to fifth grade.

In 1999, she joined the Talawanda School District in Oxford, Ohio as an intervention specialist, serving as the Intervention Coordinator of Stewart Elementary. She is currently an intervention specialist at the secondary level and a member of the Talawanda School Pride committee, where she is instrumental in promoting cultural diversity in the school district and community.

Dr. Hamidullah holds a bachelor’s degree from Central State University (1985), a master’s degree from Miami University (1992) and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Education Leadership from Union Institute & University (2011). In 2007, Dr. Hamidullah earned the Citizens’ Leadership Academy Award from the city of Hamilton.

She volunteers at the Peace Museum in Dayton, Ohio and serves on the boards of the AfriAid Foundation and the Cincinnati Islamic Community Center School , where she is working to develop a full time school.